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Dragon*Con Photos & More

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 | Author: jmward14 | Blog, DragonCon, anthology | Comments Off

JoHanna Moresco & young friend

Cruxshadows violinist JoHanna Moresco demonstrates violin technique to a young friend before Monday morning's concert.

It’s been a challenging week here at Casa Ward/Uchrin. Days of rain succeeded in doing what earthquake and hurricane failed to do: postpone my work on my Dragon*Con photos and videos.

We’re still dealing with the aftermath of the flood, but the photos are sorted and posted at Flickr. I plan to post a Thursday Thirteen at Beyond the Veil in the near future, but Flickr’s the place if you want to see the complete set.

Meanwhile, Buzzy Multimedia has posted my interviews with authors Maria V. Snyder and Paolo Bacigalupi. We’re also tweaking my Tour of Tor. I’ll post the link soon.

Finally, I want to remind everybody that my story “Billy’s Monster” will be published in Hellfire Lounge II: Rat Pack Redux. The story leans more toward horror than my usual, but with a scheduled publication date of late September/early October, it’s certainly in keeping with the season. ;-)

Hellfire Lounge 2: Rat Pack Redux

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My Dragon*Con 2010 images are now live

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

The Cruxshadows Dancers at the band's September 5 Dragon*Con concert (photo by Jean Marie Ward).

I’ve posted a Thursday Thirteen of pictures for my monthly blog at Beyond the Veil. But be warned, those shots are  just the teaser. To see the rest of the photos you’ll need to follow the link at the end of the article. Enjoy!

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DragonCon 2009: First Notes

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

Back from DragonCon. I had such a fabulous time I’m way to tired to write coherently about it, but I thought I’d post a few (a very few!) of the highlights as a teaser of things to come–as soon as I finish sorting the 570 photos I took. Until then, this will have to do:

- FINALLY getting to see a panel with James Marsters (with green hair, no less) and Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones in Torchwood).

- Running into an old friend I hadn’t seen in years directly afterwards.

- Hanging with friends like artist/writer Marianne Plumridge and her husband, artist Bob Eggleton, Jana Oliver, Teresa Patterson and my roomie Dorie. Also ran into the old Press Room gang–Star, Leigh, Kelly, Dave & Phyl. (Randi couldn’t make it, but I did talk to her and the new bambino.)

- Dinner with Crissy Brashear (owner and publisher of Samhain Publishing), Jacob Hammer (Samhain’s office manager), Alex Ross (Jacob’s girlfriend) and writers Ally Blue and Rosemary Laurey/Georgia Evans and her husband George at Nikolai’s on the Roof, the extraordinary restaurant on the top of the Hilton. The company was fabulous and the dinner… Well, let me put it this way, the meal started on plates with gilded images of Faberge eggs and ended with the presentation of a single red rose to all the ladies.

- The amazing historical and Steampunk costumes, and dressing up in my own less amazing Steampunk outfit (see Marianne’s great picture of her husband, artist Bob Eggleton). At least the hat, the rose from Nikolai’s, and all of Marianne’s DragonCon pics were splendid. ;-)

- Sitting back-to-back with William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and Leonard Nimoy at the DragonCon Awards Banquet. (BTW, they’re actually serving meat now–the banquet, I mean, not the stars.)

- The Cruxshadows concert. (Duh!)

- Surviving a four-panel Sunday running from 10 a.m. (after the Cruxshadows concert–ow!) to 11 p.m., after the “sex panel”: “Sex in SF/Fantasy–Too Much or Not Enough?”

- The Lost Boys concert at the Pirate Ball followed by costume watching at the Marriott Starbucks, which has replaced The Perk as the ultimate people-watching destination since the Hyatt has gotten pissy about photos in the lobby.

- Sitting next to Rogue on my last panel, “Under Raven’s Wings: 200 Years of Poe”, listening to three of his dramatic readings, including the awesome “Annabel Lee”, and having him autograph this year’s Cruxshadows single for Bree and me when the panel was done. And day-um, he smelled good. White musk, I think. (Made me wish I’d packed my favorite Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents, but I’ve been afraid ever since my hand lotion triggered Barbara Hambly’s allergies at World Fantasy Con.)

- Drinking 12-year-old Glenlivet single malt in the Green Room at the Hair of the Dog Party (i.e., the clearing of the Green Room after the Dead Dog Party). I didn’t even know they had Glenlivet in the Green Room.

- Getting back home to Greg and the Duz. Gotta recover in time for next year, after all. ;-)

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DragonCon Debrief

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

All right.  I admit it.  I was a DragonCon Bunny.  

The Press Room Gang: (from the left) Randi, Dorie, Dave (aka Silent Bob), me and Leigh.

You should be glad I didn’t look like this guy.

The Bunny who wasn’t me.

After seven panels (thank you 

and Nancy!) and an autographing session (someone actually wanted me to sign her book—and I didn’t even know her!) it’s a small miracle I didn’t.  Not that I would’ve cared too much.  I had a blast as usual.

For me, DragonCon 2007 offered a wonderful combination of old friends and serendipitous discoveries.  For example, I expected to have a great time when I learned Josepha Sherman was on the “Effective Tools for Making That First Sale” panel with me.  But I never expected sharing a panel with a military SF writer like John Ringo would be such a hoot.  If you’re ever a con where he’s speaking don’t walk, run to his panels.  He’ll be the guy in the kilt.  Word.

Star Roberts and the media liaison staff touched my heart by setting up a memorial to 

in the Press Room.  As Mel Boros said when we raised a glass of Apple Pie in her honor Sunday night, “Teri wasn’t the center of attention, but she was central.”  And sorely missed.  

On a much happier note, “the Press Room Gang” also included me in their costume nights.  The Bunnies came out to play on Friday night.  Saturday night, we transformed doctors and nurses (and somehow neglected to get photos).  Sunday night, we were pirates.  And good thing too—we probably couldn’t have gotten into the Pirate Gathering or the Secret Room Pirate Rave if we weren’t.

Dorie (right) and me Sunday night in the Hyatt Lobby.

Then there was the music.  Emerald Rose and the Lost Boys set the perfect “Pre-Con” tone with their exuberant sets Thursday night.  Voltaire is a DragonCon favorite for his Goth presence and gloriously geeky lyrics, but his shows always made me twitch.  It’s hard to dance to a solo troubadour.  This year, however, he brought a band and Friday night, as he promised, he rocked the house.  Caught a little bit of Ghoultown and a whole lot of Lost Boys on Saturday night—and went away with even more CDs to load on my iPod.

Voltaire (center, in vest) rocked the Hyatt’s Centennial Ballroom Friday night, August 31.

The Sunday night Cruxshadows capped their current tour and was the last show for Rachel McDonnell, their awesome violinist.  The show ran nearly two hours…and it wasn’t nearly long enough.

Rogue, lead singer for the Cruxshadows.

I didn’t spend as much time as I would’ve liked in the Art Show, which seemed smaller than it had in years past.  Was it really?  I don’t know.  The Grand Hall at the Hyatt feels smaller than the Marriott Marquis’ Imperial Ballroom.  But some things were definitely bigger—the smiles on everyone’s faces when we learned DragonCon regular Laura Reynolds won the 2007 Chesley Award for best 3-D work.  WTG, Laura!  

WTG, everyone involved—especially 

(SFLit Track), Nancy Knight (Writing Track) and Cathy Bowden (Star Wars Track).  My pictures, as many as there are on my Flickr page, just don’t do you justice.  Can’t wait until next year!

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