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This page is a nod to family, friends and any other sites I find interesting.

My sites - the web site devoted to the fiction I wrote with the late, great Teri Smith.

Crescent Blues – the multi-genre web ‘zine which provided some of the greatest interviews and reviews on the web from 1998-2005.

Jean Marie Ward at Author Central

My Facebook Fan Page.

My Pinterest Boards

My Live Journal.

My Speck of Blogspot.

Beyond the Veil – the blog of Samhain Publishing’s fantasy and paranormal authors.

DC Area Storytellers – the best little bunch of writers inside or outside of the Capitol Beltway.

Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity – the wonderful web site created by editor Joshua Palmatier in honor of the anthology.

Greg Uchrin

Greg is my darling spouse an a talented editorial cartoonist.  You can see his work at the following links.

Intravenous Caffeine Studio – the Facebook page that captures his slightly off-kilter world – and the calendar of events where you can find him.

GregoriusU’s Deviant Art Page – his gallery at Deviant Art.

Intravenous Caffeine – his Obama-era web cartoons.

Hail Dubyus – his first series of cartoons, which ran for the last five years of the Bush Adminstration.


Barron’s Educational Series

Bold Venture Press

Dark Quest Books

DAW Books

Lethe Press

Prime Books

Samhain Publishing

Silence in the Library Publishing

Zombies Need Brains


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Dana Marie Bell

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Patricia Briggs

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Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan

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Margaret L. Carter

Marcia Colette

Carole Nelson Douglas

John Grant (aka Paul Barnett)

Cheryel Hutton

Carolan Ivey

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Joshua Palmatier (who also writes as Benjamin Tate)

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