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This is where I post the fun stuff–free reads, videos, and anything else that might be hard to classify.  Right now it consists of a series of short story videos called Ward Theater, free reads of fiction and a little of the in-between mentioned in my tag line (including the infamous “A Turkey to Remember”).  More importantly, I’ve provided links to two stories by my late, great writing partner, Teri Smith. Enjoy!

Jean Marie Ward

Ward Theater

“Duzell’s Due” — On the scale of smelts to caviar, what price would you pay for your life?

“Green Eyes” — The perfect something for the bride who has everything.

“Yesterday, I Will” — Which yesterday was that, exactly?


“District Coincidental” — A congressman, a senator and a lobbyist walk into a bar, and it’s almost business as usual. Almost.

“About the Flies” — The devil’s in your freezer and he’s ready to deal.

“Clear as Glass” — Rita meets the man of her dreams…over her husband’s dead body.

Embraceable Death” — In which the incubus Quentin de Charney learns a lesson in love.

“The Kitty at the Edge of Forever” — Who knew Star Trek fanfic could be so wrong?

The Taxman Cometh” — Why do dragons need all that gold?


With Nine You Get Vanyr

“Cooking up a Storm” from Tales from the Vatican Vaults

“Fixed” from The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity

“The Five Bean Solution” from Were-

“The Wizard of Woodrow Park” from Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs. Aliens

“The Clockwork Nightingale” from Gaslight and Grimm

“Burning Down the House” from Hellfire Lounge 3: Jinn Rummy, reprinted in Dance Like a Monkey (with added monkey)

“Glass Transit” from Hellfire Lounge 4: Reflections of Evil

“Protective Coloring” in The Rise of Phoenix

“The Gap in the Fence” from Athena’s Daughters

“Personal Demons” from Hellebore and Rue

“Lord Bai’s Discovery” from Dragon’s Lure

“Hoodoo Cupid” now available only in the crowd-sourcing incentive chapbook Four for More

“Hero Material” from Here be Dragons: Tales of Dragon*Con

In Between

It’s Just Another Case of (Publishing) Karma Repeating Itself — My definition of business as usual. Guaranteed to scare the pants off every writer in the audience.

Hell on History — Wherein I demonstrate that the shortest distance between Hell on Wheels and historicity is Hedy–that’s Hedley! Lamar.

Everyday Haunts” — You think you know your neighborhood?  Maybe it’s time to talk to the resident ghosts.

Real Weird” — More spooky stories from the most ordinary house on the block.

Stealth Guest–Or How to Succeed at Cons with a Cunning Plan” — Baldric has nothing on me.

True Vampire Romance” — It could happen to you.

“A Turkey to Remember” — There’s a reason my holiday theme song is “Bad Things”.

Ghoulies and Ghosties and Hard Frosted Chocolate and Notes that Go Bump in the Night” — First bake sales never die–even if you take a knife to them.

Teri Smith


Cabbage Moon” — Clyde, the vegetarian dragon, encounters an evil witch.  Will he get his cabbages or wind up sauerkraut?

The Frithing Stool” — Will a man find the sanctuary he seeks through a week-long vigil on the Frithing Stool?