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Lynn Kurland’s Star of the Morning

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

When Patty Briggs was kind enough to cite Lynn Kurland in her blurb for With Nine You Get Vanyr, I was flattered.  I loved Lynn’s RITA-awardwinning novella “To Kiss in the Shadows” and interviewed her for Crescent Blues based on the strength of that story.  In the interview, Lynn talked about her then current novel, From This Moment On, and her love for and desire to write fantasy.  
Since I interviewed her as the first wave of the paranormal romance tsunami was beginning to crest, I didn’t think a lot about the fantasy comment.  Everybody and their dog was selling paranormals.  Why wouldn’t Lynn want to ride the wave?
I should’ve listened harder.  Lynn was talking about epic fantasy.  And she meant every word.
The proof is in her new book, Star of the Morning.  Run–do not walk–to your bookstore and buy this book.  Star of the Morning follows the adventures of Morgan, a practical mercenary swordswoman, who finds herself saddled with a magical knife, a growing party of minions–including a blustering king and his heartbreakingly wonderful wizard brother–and a destiny she rejects with every fiber of her being.  The characterizations are glorious.  The humor, especially the fish-out-of-water sections where King Adhemar tries to act like a regular guy, will leave you laughing so hard it hurts.  There be dragons, dwarves and a dash of elves too, but the book is so yummy, I refuse to hold that against it.  LOL  A perfect read to refresh the soul on a blustery winter night.
My only real complaint is this is the first book of the Nine Kingdoms trilogy, but I can’t find anything on future volumes–not even when the next book will be released.  Arrgh!  But I did find two novellas set in the same world “A Whisper of Spring” from the anthology The Queen in Winter, and “The Tale of Two Swords” from To Weave a Web of Magic.  Not enough to hold me, by any means.
Well, I knew Patty’s blurb was fabulous.  I just didn’t know how fabulous.  Another one I owe her.  Right now my karmic debt is so big she owns a 30-year mortgage on my next life.
And it couldn’t be held in kinder hands.  :D
Happy New Year, everyone!

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Suddenly Christmas

Sunday, December 17th, 2006 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

Could’ve knocked me over with a feather.  Suddenly, in the last nine days to the Big Red-n-Green, I’ll be going to two (possibly three) holiday parties–not including an invite for self, spouse and the maternal unit for Christmas dinner–replacing our big picture window on Thursday and hosting houseguests on Friday.  Wa-hah?  I’d better put up the tree and write those cards.  Fast!
The season snuck up when I wasn’t looking.  I didn’t expect this explosion of spirit.  But it’s nice.  
Now if I can only think of something appropriate–and appropriately long–for my Twelfth Night appearance on the Samhain Blog, which will be going live in a couple of days.  No self-promo allowed except on Tuesday and only if your book being released.  I find that rather amusing.  The instant you let me open my mouth or touch a keyboard it’s promo.  But I understand the desire to avoid spamming unsuspecting readers.  
I’d say I trust the universe to provide, but the universe I live in has a sardonic sense of humor.  Let’s say, I hope it supplies an entertainment, not involving broken bones or dental bills, I can wrap in a thousand words or less.
Speaking of Samhain, at least five of my fellow Samhellions received an early Christmas present this weekend, receiving word they finaled in this year’s Eppie Awards for their Samhain books.  The categories and nominees are:

Contemporary Romance
Ellen Fisher, I’ll Be There For You
Ellen Fisher, The Nerd Prince

Erotic Romance (Fantasy/Paranormal)
Bianca D’Arc, The Ice Dragon
Shelly Laurenston, The Distressing Damsel

Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Kelly Ethan, The Beast Within

Willa Okati, A Year and a Day

Congratulations one and all!

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Techno-Dummy Needs Help…Again

Saturday, December 16th, 2006 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

I give up.  Memes hate me.  You’d think it would be easy.  Enter the required information into the generator, paste the resulting text into the LJ, and presto, funny pictures, fractured holiday songs.  In a word: Fun!
But noooooo.  I paste my results into LJ and what do I get?  HTML coding.  That’s what.  Even when I check it out from someone else’s friend’s page.
Would some kind soul, please, tell me what I’m doing wrong?
Where’s an emoticon when you really need one?  LOL

Posted 12 years, 1 month ago at 4:01 am.

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What’s the required apology time…

Monday, December 4th, 2006 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

…for taking the cat to the dentist?  The Duz


went to the vet’s for a routine tooth cleaning and wound up getting an extraction.  He had an abcess, and he’s such a sweetie, neither I nor the vet even guessed.  There are always surprises with foundling cats.  At least this is fixable.  
Poor guy’s in hiding.  When he emerges, we’ll start the antibiotic and the pain med.  The worst part is he’ll need a check-up in six months.
I’m going to be apologizing forEVER!
Jean Marie

Posted 12 years, 1 month ago at 7:26 pm.

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Today’s Winner

Sunday, December 3rd, 2006 | Author: jmward14 | Blog | Comments Off

Since 50 percent of the book is dedicated to him, I thought it only fitting to let my dh pick the winner of the very first WardSmith contest.  And he did.  A download of With Nine You Get Vanyr is winging its way through cyberspace to Tehya.  Three BPAL imps and some other goodies will follow via snail mail early next week.
If you didn’t win this time, don’t despair.  There will be other contests leading up to the book’s February 20 print release.  Meanwhile, I hope you’ll enjoy the excerpts and the fun at
Jean Marie

Posted 12 years, 1 month ago at 12:57 am.

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