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Awesome Tales, Vol. 1, 350 pt. high

Awesome Tales #1


The Age of Pulp returns

Awesome Tales #1 brings you thrilling new adventures told with the gusto of the classic pulp fiction magazines! In the premiere issue, three tales of intrigue and adventure delight and dazzle your senses. In war-torn Europe, The Domino Lady, the original pulp femme fatale, teams with MI-6 supernatural agent Wicca Girl to battle a mystic force threatening London in “Pretender to the Throne”. In “Seven Pictures,” by Jean Marie Ward, intrigue in the Pentagon leads to jealousy and blood sports. Back in the present day, Wicca Girl teams with Scotland Yard to solve the 300-year old mystery of “The Warlock Murders.”

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Clockwork Universe:
Steampunk vs. Aliens


Technology isn’t destiny

When aliens reach Earth, they encounter the clockwork mechanisms and Victorian sensibilities of a full-blown Steampunk civilization. Inspired by the classic science fiction adventure tales of the nineteenth century, leading fantasy and science fiction authors will bring us tales of first contact with a twist, as steam power meets laser cannons, and dirigibles face off against flying saucers.


A high-five to technological advancement… And, above all, kudos to the genius of action-packed prose.

Lori J. Parker for Word of the Nerd

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Athena’s Daughters


Women in SF and Fantasy, Vol. 1

From a young girl facing a life-threatening crisis at Lunar Camp to a crew of elderly women graced with the power of Greek gods, you’ll find an engaging and diverse range of science fiction and fantasy stories by women, about women.


From hard science fiction to the limits of the fantastic; 22 little gems.

June E. Williams for Buzzy Mag


There are no bad stories, just some I enjoyed a little bit more.

Bill Lawhorn for SFRevu

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Cover 350X4

Hellfire Lounge 4


Reflections of Evil

Beware the image you see in that mirror! It may not be what it see to be, a simple reflection of the real world. It may have a dark reality of its own, harboring beings, creatures and spirits beyond imagination. Untold terrors may lurk in that funhouse mirror, and the image imprisoned in that gilded frame may be the result of a curse, a spell or it could be a gateway to another plane of existence …or entre to Hell itself. Here in London’s famed Hellfire Lounge, a coven of authors–John L. French, J. Brad Staal, KT Pinto, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, C.J. Henderson, R. Allen Leider, Don Alfieri, Paul Kupperberg, Jean Marie Ward and Patrick Thomas–bring you chilling tales and dire warnings of the dangers of reflected evil! And, for the first time anywhere–the TRUTH about the most famous magic mirror of all time!

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JMW page size

Hellebore & Rue

A Mardi Gras for Fans

Slip into the magic…

Magic that detects crime, magic that heals, magic that destroys: all this and more in the hands of queer women who use their powers to shape their worlds and their destinies.

A Mardi Gras for Fans

“Personal Demons” by Jean Marie Ward caught me totally off guard with a tale of what happens when a serious practitioner gives proof of the reality beyond the flesh…

Jarla Tangh

…A quiet, effective story that has a much deeper subtext exploring identity than is apparent on the first reading.

Gayle Grazen, FanGirlTastic

…one of the strongest of the book, “Personal Demons” by Jean Marie Ward. Ward sets up an almost real world scenario, with a nurse (whose lover has inadvertently outed her as a witch) being asked to help a child who has been possessed. The ending of this story is very powerful.

Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus

…if you’re seeking a lesbian counterweight to the heavily heterosexual slant of urban fantasy, or looking for tough, smart, believable, sympathetic, fascinating protagonists, you’ll find a great deal to recommend Hellebore & Rue.

Cynthia Ward for Black Gate

2011 Rainbow Awards, Best SF/Fantasy

A Mardi Gras for Fans

ALA 2012 Over the Rainbow LGBT Book for Adult Readers

A Mardi Gras for Fans

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Modern Fae Cover for "On the Shelves"

The Modern Fae’s Guide to Surviving Humanity


They’re here…

What if the fae were still here, living among us? Perhaps living in secret, doing their best to pass for human? Or perhaps their existence is acknowledged, but they’re still struggling to fit in. How have they survived? Are they outcasts clinging to the edges of society, or do their powers ensure success in the mortal realm?

Here are fourteen fabulous stories by Seanan McGuire, Susan Jett, Kari Sperring, Juliet E. McKenna, Avery Shade, Kristine Smith, Barbara Ashford, April Steenburgh, Anton Strout, S.C. Butler, Jean Marie Ward, Shannon Page, Jay Lake, Elizabeth Bear and Jim C. Hines–ranging from humor to dark fantasy–that explore how the creatures of fae are fitting into the modern world.


…All of the stories were equally captivating. The editors have also done a good job in selecting stories that represent a cross section of the various types of fantasy story on offer today.

Richard Marcus for

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Dragon's Lure cover (main)

Dragon’s Lure


Legends of a New Age, Book One

…An excellent anthology of one sparkling gem of dragon lore after another…

Professor Crazy, BSC Reviews

WSFA Small Press Award Finalist

What is the deal with virgins?

Why would a dragon want to swallow the moon?

Is a bed of treasure really to be desired?

What does it take to lure a dragon? These nineteen tempting tales of draconic wonder will broaden your understanding of the legendary creatures that have fascinated mankind throughout time and across cultures. Everything you always wanted to know about dragons, but no one has survived to ask… With stories by John Grant, C.E. Murphy, C.J. Henderson, Jean Marie Ward, Keith R.A. DeCandido, David B. Coe and more!

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With Nine

You Get Vanyr

Sometimes you make a wish

Sometimes you make a wish. 

Sometimes you wish you hadn’t.

…A great fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

The plot is thought provoking, the characters are in the midst of coming-of-age crises, and the immortals are seriously hot.  What more could a reader ask?


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